Journalism, yeah!

Check out this article.

I don’t know where to begin. It’s all such garbage.

Let’s peruse some soothing music before delving d-e-e-p.

This soothes the terrible rash my anus contracted after having read Dale “vasectomy” Baren’s article.

“Around 2005 or so a strange link started showing up in my old webcomic’s referral logs. This new site I didn’t understand. It was a bulletin board, but its system of navigation was opaque. Counter intuitively, you had to hit “reply” to read a thread. Moreover, the content was bizarre nonsense.”

Dale, “Vasectomy,” Baren said, as he navigated his mouse toward the refresh button to acquire more information on this… *muttering and wine sipping escapade ensues while monocles are cleaned against smooth tweed* “gestalt” called 4chan. Dale took another sip from his chardonnay wine with a smug look on his face before continuing.

“The site, if you hadn’t guessed, was It was an offshoot of a different message board which I also knew from my referral logs, “Something Awful”, at the time, an online community of a few hundred nerds who liked comics, video games, and well, nerds things. But unlike boards with similar content, Something Awful skewed toward dark jokes.”

So off the bat, this fuckhead starts by explaining 4chan in a “scintillating” and “quirky” manner–probably because his reader base is overwhelmingly homosexual and/or female–before doing a proverbial 360 no-scope on moot. The information has come to me. The data is in. My squad of carrier pigeons have come home, and I made a conclusion with the information I was given; This guy has enormous difficulties navigating around the INTARNATS. He simply doesn’t understand like WAAAAT XDDDDD LIKE WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN TO EACH OTHER LIKE WWWWWWWAT XDDDDDDD

Seeing as he has a complete lack of knowledge regarding human behavior, he psychologizes 4chan users based off a FUCKING JOKE. And to make it even worse. To dig his grave even further. Just to really shoot himself in the knee, he makes a super edgy meme based off people joking in a thread.


You know when you’re around beta males, they often don’t really get humor. They’ll never escalate on anything. They don’t know what riffing is. They just stand on the sidelines and psychologize really badly.
I knew an aspergers beta that did this, although he was honest about it. He didn’t know how the social rules were set up. Didn’t know what’s funny, and what’s not funny. Fair game if you admit it. But this “DALE BrARrEN” thinks he knows what human behavior is. Sorry, dude, you don’t.

When anon asks: “How do you get your women”
And anon2 replies with: “Chloroform.”

So, look, grills and boys. I could, like, totally, like just murder his article. I could just debate the fuck outa it. I could just go deep (YOU KNOW HOW I DO.)

Here’s the thing, though. If this prick can’t understand what a joke is, but works off the shitty psychologization that “4chan is voting for a bad joke xDxddDxdD because they joke and have dark humor and like trump XDxDxdDX” then he’s not even worth debating.

Here’s an adendum. A little thought that crossed my mind while thinking about how much I HAAAAAAATE useful idiots like this fuckennaaah Dale “Got my balls chopped off” Baren.

I read about a correlation between IQ and humor a while back.

” The first study, which included a sample of 55 male comedians, found they had well above average IQs, ranging from 115 to 160, with an average of 138. In a subsequent study with 14 female comedians, IQ scores were also high, ranging from 112 to 144, with an average of 126.”

If you’re at 130, you’re in the top 2% of IQ. 2% is every 2 in 100 individuals. It’s not a small amount of people if you count a country of 350 million, and then maybeeeeeee just add all the other western nations floating around a median IQ of 100. 2% of all of those people is a lot. It’s millions and millions.

A week or so ago someone set up a thread on 4chainz to see what /pol/’s average IQ was. From what I could see, it was ~125. Obviously the results were based off shitty internet tests, but it goes to show that 4chan is one of the more brain enabled places in the world, especially once you factor in the “humor” part and it’s correlation.

What I see when I go on the chainz is a good number of people that are smarter than me. I find myself entrenched in idiocy in most parts of life. Most news is idiotic shit. Most TV is pure idiocy. Most people are average, and have average cookie-cutter, non-confrontational, majority-based viewpoints on pretty much everything. Now, I’m not going to hold it against the world. Son, I ain’t even mad. But I’ma tell you to BTFO with your stupid opinions. After all, you’re just cattle for the ruling elite. We’ve spotted it, and you have an inferiority complex the size of jupiter, so you don’t want to admit that you’re just a little a doge jumping through arbitrary hoops all day. Good. Cool. Enjoy. Surprise. Create. Authorize. Proactivate. ;*

I’ma end my schizophrenic ramblings riiiiight aboooout



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