Capitalism, socialism, and democracy

Which economic system is more democratic?

Take a minute to ponder this while you listen to some soothing jazz.

I’ve actually listened to this entire video on an inter-planetary level of consciousness (I was very stoned.)

Oh, it didn’t tickle your fancy? Whatever… Ornette Coleman clearly doesn’t need your subhuman interpretation of his masterpiece. Maybe you’re stuck in the old ways of “structure” and “beauty,” or whatever. Disgusting. Absolutely abhorrent.

So… layts murv uuuurn. murthurfurkurs.

In order to answer the question of which economic system is more democratic, we’ll have to define it. Loosely. Because I’m lazy and lofty like that. Let’s assume for, argument’s sake, that we’re talking about “democratic socialism,” and not outright communism.

Socialism: Resources are handled by government officials. The means of production are governed entirely (or largely) by the state. Individuals get to vote on where to place resources.

Capitalism: Resources are handled by private individuals. You don’t vote on how to manage resources. Instead, you acquire and manage your own resources through your own means of production.

Now we’ve got to rest the argument on an axiom. In the end, everything rests on axioms, because we don’t know shit, because we’re all really, really dumb compared to the infinite amount of knowledge that exists outside our brain. The axiom is that democracy is in place to establish freedom. If you don’t like that axiom, I guess you can stop reading. That’s fine. Wutevr.

You can argue details, and pragmatic outcomes of each system for an infinite amount of time. I’ll list a few examples, and then blow past them like they don’t matter at all.

Capitalism isn’t free because a few % of the population end up owning almost all resources, and then you don’t have any resources and stuff.

Socialism isn’t free because the government owns the resources, and then you don’t have any resources and stuff.

Cool, I love basic statements by basic nitwits. Let’s strike at the heart of the matter.


Now we compare the economic systems to the definition of freedom. Which system is antithetical to the definition of freedom?

Capitalism vs definition A:
No contradiction. You’re not under necessity, coercion, or constraint to do anything at all.
Nobody can tell you what to produce, buy, or sell, since you handle your own resources.

Socialism vs definition A:
Contradiction. What you own is largely–or entirely–decided by other people.

In fact, I can not find a single contradiction between the definition of capitalism and the definition of freedom.
Now, you can still argue that the outcome of capitalism produces inequality, or slavery, or whatever noun you’d prefer, but then what you’re really arguing against is the heart of mankind. You’re simply throwing a tempter tantrum at the freedom of choice given to bad people, while neglecting that it’s also given to good people.

So what have we established? We’ve established that capitalism is more democratic by definition. Not that it is correct, or right, or that socialism is wrong. Simply that it is closer to the definition of freedom.

Complaining about the outcome of capitalism is infantile behavior. It’s a zebra complaining to the hunter that there are too many lions instead of getting the hell out of dodge. The hunter is going to want both of you on his trophy shelf. The hunter is not your mother.

Let me go on a little rant.

Socialism relies on dependency. We’ve now manufactured dependent adult-babies by placing kids in daycare, completely cutting them off from their mothers for hours. We told their mothers that working in a cubicle is more important, and more fulfilling than helping to develop and nurture human lives.

This cuts off men’s balls by default. Where do men get their credibility from if it’s not from their prowess in resource gathering? Now the women are gathering the resources because they don’t care for their children. Men are useless. Who cares what they have to say anymore? When dad says “life’s a bitch,” he’s just being a cynical asshole. He’s not trying to teach you that life is full of obstacles to overcome, right? He’s simply whining, right?




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