Metal at 1:20 and 7:35.
Vivaldi is now my ultimate composer. Go away, Bach. Please leave, Bach.
Listen or you’re a fag.

Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked. Vivaldi has nothing to do with the post.

Does anyone doubt their political position? I mean doubt of any kind. Whether you doubt it on a fundamental level, or on a “micro-level.” If so, rest assured you’ll keep doubting. I’m not going to inoculate you from doubt. I might alleviate it a bit at the end. We’ll see.

I’ve become fairly certain that a large swath of the population does not doubt their political positions. It dawned on me while I was at work, reading a piece of socialist propaganda that we get from our union. I always make a point of noting down the logical fallacies or blatant lies in such things, in hopes that someone reads it. I do it, partly because I like getting on people’s nerves, and partly because it serves a higher value. I’m like rain man at spotting out manipulative language. What a useless skill to have. Fuck.


I’ll use these people as an example. None of them doubt their political positions, even though they have no clue what they’re talking about. Even the professional politician has no fucking clue what she’s talking about in any way, shape, form. What they do is assume that we–the right wing–do, is exactly the same as them. They think that we simply go out with a vague belief of what we want, and demand it.
Clearly, that’s what we do because that’s what they do. Isn’t that how the politicking goes?

They have no idea that people like me, and probably you (since you’re actually bothering to READ,) spend a good deal of your time involved in economics, philosophy, and policies. They have no idea that there is rigor behind certain people’s beliefs. Doesn’t make you completely accurate, but it makes you not a shithead.

I think doubt is a pillar of wisdom. I don’t think you’ll ever be wise, or right for that matter, if you never doubt yourself.

PS: I just appealed to your intellectual vanity for the argument’s sake.
So I’ll be retracting that whole “you spend a good deal of your time on things that matter,” and we’ll just wake up to the fact that you’re probably an autistic, socialist cum-dump.








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