The Red/blue pills and the BLACK/WHITE PILLS :OOOOOO

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. All I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”

The blue/red pill has been adopted as a fairly general metaphor for worldviews. I’ll brush over them quickly for those who aren’t aware, and then I’ll ramble on about the black pill.

There are a number of angles that you can approach the metaphor from. What does the red pill/blue pill symbolize within politics, personal life, the psychology of the individual holding the belief, etc.

I’ll try to outline what the blue and red pills symbolize, not pertaining to any political beliefs or anything. Just straight up what they represent, and only then will I jump in with my own definition of the meta-pills: the black and white pills.

So here we go!

Taking the red pill represents the willingness to see truth. As Morpheus clearly states, he’s offering truth. The blue pill is the willingness to forego truth in order for personal preference. You wake up and believe whatever you want to believe, but it won’t be truth.

This is always the first step. Seek truth or don’t seek truth. Once Neo has taken the red pill, he sees the world for what it is; a steaming pile of shit, controlled by robots using humans as batteries. That’s an analogy, too, but let’s not get into that.

Now he’s faced with another decision. What should he do with the knowledge he has? There’s still the option of giving up.

Once you’ve taken the red pill, as Cypher did, you can still go back into the Matrix. He’s basically Judas. This goes to show that simply taking the red pill doesn’t end the journey. Once you’ve taken it, you still have more decisions to make. You can’t simply gain knowledge of what’s true and false, and end the quest there. Truth prompts action.

With that said, we now know what the red pill and blue pill are. Taking the red pill simply means that you are aware of truth and falsehood. The blue pill represents ignorance of truth and falsehood.

Now, the Matrix story goes even deeper than this. Is Zion (the “real world” city in the Matrix movie) still inside the Matrix? Can you even get out of the Matrix? How many red pills do you have to take until you’re outside of the Matrix?

The truth is that you can keep taking red pills all day. There are–and will always be–an innumerable amount of uncomfortable truths to confront. That is to say that there will ALWAYS be a struggle to be had. Everyone knows this. If there were no struggles, we’d be living in heaven, and we’re not. That much is true. It is, in fact, the ultimate truth.

This is why the black and white pills were invented. Everything always boils down to a binary decision in the end. Confront the truth or don’t. Yes, no. 0, 1.

The black pill symbolizes hopelessness. Since there are an innumerable amount of pills to take, taking the black pill is a recognition that there will always be “evil” or “untruth,” and that there is nothing you can do about it, therefore you can do whatever you want, and believe whatever you want. Don’t confront the ultimate truth.

The white pill symbolizes hope. Since there are an innumerable amount of pills to take, taking the white pill is a recognition that there will always be “evil” or “untruth,” and that there is nothing you can do about it, therefore you always subject yourself to truth, no matter what the consequences may be. Confront the ultimate truth.

The ultimate truth is that life is suffering.


I had one of my friends tell me this, and I didn’t quite see his point. I do now.

Now, for all the edgy atheists out there, you don’t necessarily have to believe in a deity in order to take the white pill, although I find it hard to imagine that people would swallow the pill of a victory against all odds without being a bit crazy.

This post was inspired by this douche:

Omega virgin revolt. Lel.
Anyway, I’ll show you how easy it is to dismantle a nihilistic worldview, because I don’t want you to be subject to a life of shit-suckling cynicism.

Here’s a quote from the omega-virgin:
“The “blue pill” represents mainstream feminism which is a delusion whereas the “red pill” is supposed to represent the anti-feminist truth.  What has happened with the “red pill” is that the concept has been colonized by the Paleo-Game Cult.  The “red pill” instead of meaning anti-feminist truth, now means alternate/non-mainstream delusion that still pedestalizes women.  It now means non-mainstream feminism of the Paleo-Game Cult form.  Just because something isn’t mainstream like the Paleo-Game Cult does not make it truth or anti-feminist.”

This dainty little virgin is upset that red pillers are still pedestalizing women, despite the fact that red pillers pedestalize women far less than blue pillers.

“The “red pills” believe incorrectly that they are anti-feminist, and the delusion that feminism can be solved using personal solutions.  They believe that using game and the paleo diet they can expel feminism from their lives.  This is a delusion.  When Paragon came up with the idea of the “black pill”, he recognized the nature of feminism/women being a systemic problem.  Systemic problems have no personal solutions.  The “black pill” is about that principle and more.”

He’s shunned personal responsibility, and blamed the system. It’s an easy way out. It’s basically what your average SJW does.
What’s funny is that people axiomatically accept rules within systems on a regular basis. You accept that there are “rules” in physics. You can’t fly with your arms, for instance. Not until you accept the rules of physics can you build an airplane.
And so, not until this fragile little ego accepts that women are women, and won’t not be women, will he be able to work with what’s given.

Yes, women are highly emotional thinkers.
Yes, women are hypergamous.
Yes, women spend, on average, 80% of a households money. Often on frivolous shit.

I guess the crux of femininity is too cumbersome for you to bear. Cool. More pussy, more chaotic elements, more emotional situations, and more FUN for the rest of us.



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