Freedom of speech and time.

Don’t judge people by what they say, but by what they do.

You’ve heard that shit, and it’s pretty good shit, but I’ll add a caveat before continuing on. Yes, if someone is being a complete dickwad, and saying “gas the kikes, kill blacks, and take a shit on the street in front of the five o’,” then you’re not being a cunt by telling them to go fuck themselves and leaving their vicinity.

However, let’s not get too involved in minor details, because we’ve big stuff to discuss while smoking cigars, twiddling our mustaches, and tweaking our monocles.

Time is a weird thing, because one moment is defined by what changes physically. If you don’t move the glass, the glass stands where it is from one moment to the other. You can say “move the glass,” and the glass will still stand there. With that thought experiment complete, I think we’ve established that words don’t do anything. At least they don’t have any innate properties other than being sound waves, but sound waves don’t involve concepts, so don’t even try to argue from that perspective, you dick. That’s right, we’re talking about words: the utility to transfer meaning, concepts, ideas, etc.

Words are a middle-ground between thought and action.

Life is a struggle, and we have bad shit to fight. Everyone has their own idea of what’s bad in society, whether you’re a feminazi, disabled jewlord, communist, or a nazi (or a normal person like the rest of us.)

Fighting is an inevitability. Words are what allow us to fight without physical consequences. When we’re stripped of the utility of words, physical violence is always going to come in its place.

When people strip you of your words, or force–not suggest–you to use certain words, they’re dangerous. They are enemies of reason. They are the pawns used to enact war. Tranny to E4.


When you hear something you don’t like, get the fuck over it, you fragile piece of shit.




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