Social exclusion part 2 – Non binary witchcraft and Religionlessnessness

Shouldn’t it be non-binary? God, these fuckwads don’t even know their own language. It’s funny how he’s adopted really girly mannerisms, but makes a strong effort not to be a conformist, so he tries to appear as androgynous as possible. Really succeeding there, guy.

Anyway, let’s continue the freakshow.


What do all of these people have in common? (Yes, they are all ugly. I know. That has come to my attention.)
They’re all socially inept.
The way they talk, their mannerisms, and even how they look is all cringe and FAAAKD AP. Why? Because they don’t have strong social circles that give them an alpha’s affirmation of their behavior. These people are constantly second-guessing what they’re about to say. There’s a “normal/healthy” amount of second-guessing that betas naturally do. This, however, is doubt on steroids.

These circus freaks have been passed around by a bunch of women all their lives. The men (if there were any) in their lives were indecisive little shits that couldn’t tell right from wrong. They had no stabile group to lean on. I’d know. This is what happened to me, and started influencing me. Thankfully, I’m cognizant of my own behavior. Most people aren’t.

Anyway. Why the hell did I choose these fucks to go with this topic?
Isn’t it fucking obvious, you twatbanger?! GAWD.

I chose to put a bunch of level 9001 wizards on display because their mental pussies are craving for religious cock. Most people are, to some extent. The number one reason I can think of is that churches give you a group membership, where you get to do group things, and group with people, and talk about things regarding your group of people with the people in your group. Group. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s what your ancestors were doing since ever. But I guess you’re right. Your grandpappy was just a dumb, religious nut.

Let’s not get sidetracked by shitting on militant atheists, Plebeian. You have other things to do.
Yes. Yes I do.


Psychologists have loads of methods for dealing with depression. One of the methods is to send people to a church. BUT OMFG CHURCHES ARE FOR STUPID PEOPLE AND THAT’S NOT SCIENTIFIC BECASUE SHCURCHSES ARE NOGT SCISENT AND FK U!!!!!
Yeah. I can’t stop. I’m sorry. There’s so much shit inside my ass that needs to be released on people.
The science behind it is simple: people report higher levels of happiness when they have group to relate to. Churches are very effective because they get people together, and make the people within the church do things together, like bake Jesus cookies, or whatever.

Although Christianity is relatively beta in comparison to, say, Islam, it still has a stronger alpha-affirmation to give than no religion. Religion creates a hierarchy of men to respect and model yourself after. We don’t have that anymore. After decades of cultural marxism, we’ve eradicated a lot of religiosity, and cucked a large deal of the remainder of it.

It’s to the point now, where even Dawkins is saying:

Which he gains about a million respect points for saying, because it’s not exactly popular within his community.


The point here isn’t whether you should become Christian, Buddhist, or whatever. The point is that it might be a good idea to look for a group with very strong social cohesion and alpha-affirmation. If you’re atheist, I dunno, maybe join the Molyneux cult, or make your own club where you don’t complain so much about how your mother pegged you with a 13″ strap-on.
If you’re Norse, and want to be a special little snowflake, maybe you could try hanging out with these oddly bearded gentlemen and not-so-bearded-gentlewomen.


Let’s wrap it all up, because I’m all over the place with this shit.

Group good. Get group. Group make good social. Social make happy.

Shit, I could have just written that instead of drawing out this post, and wasting a good hour of my time. GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOD I’M AN IDIOT.
This post is part of this post.



I had to make an addendum to this post, because I considered tribelessness to be closely tied into our lack of religiosity. It’s almost the same issue, so I didn’t feel like making a separate post.

Our tribes have become too big, too fast. We’ve gone from tribes, to settlements, to small towns, to cities, to entire countries with the internet, and now we’re moving quickly into the entire world.

Our biology hasn’t kept up with this. Our interactions are often fickle, text based relationships. Nobody has told us how to handle this.


I once told my girlfriend at the time to STOP TEXTING ME. CALL ME IF YOU WANT SOMETHING. TEXTS AREN’T BONDING ENOUGH. So she did. I wondered for some time why I thought this way. After all, I was 17 at the time, and thoughts change quickly. But now that I’ve had a good 7 years to think about it, I’m certain this was a good idea. First off, it was practical. It wasn’t inconvenient for her to call me, just different. Secondly, it  let me hear her tone of voice (which can reveal a lot more than words,) and she heard me.

That’s one step you can take to be more in line with your biology.

Another thing you can do is care more about people near you than people you don’t know. People here in Sweden have bleeding hearts for immigrants, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone help a gammal tant across the street, or any sign of human warmth anywhere. You’re hard-pressed to find friends helping each other out.

This ties in to the last part of religionlessnessnessness:

Get group. Group good.

We need to find groups where we do tribal things. FKN MAN. DON’T LOOK AT ME. I DON’T KNOW HOW. GEEZE I’M NOT GOD.







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