Social exclusion. Depression in the modern world.

Watch this dumb commercial.

I was hoping that he’d come home from work, pull out his dong, and stick it in his robot-wife-machine to get a free blowjob, making it a robot-wife-machine with at least one useful trait outside of pestering you while you’re trying to work.
Instead, Gatebox takes their commercial into an even more pathetic realm of horrifying tragedy when he looks up longingly at his shitty little condo and goes “You know, somebody’s home for me, feels great. I thought so on my way home from work.”

I’d like to go on a rant about how shitty, awkward little turds like this shouldn’t breed, but I’m going to take an alternate route.

Let’s address the roots of the problems, because awkward little beta males are just a symptom. Social exclusion as a whole is a symptom of a bunch of problems. I’d love to boil it down to one factor, but there are numerous factors. Innumerable, even. So many that even that guy in the wheelchair that does complicated physics can’t even count them.

I’ll list some shit that comes to mind, and then boil it down.
Stop being anal. This isn’t a formal medical journal, and I’m not an academic, so it won’t be written in your autistic formats.

Let’s start with the first, and go from there.

Depression makes you lazy, or unmotivated, or slow, or however you want to put it. The best way to describe it, in my opinion, is a spectrum of cynicism and your capability of dealing with your cynicism. I SHALL ELABORATE.

We’re apparently 60 to 80% pure biology, and 20 to 40% nurture. Most of how/what we think is fairly biological (what we choose to do lies more in our actions, not thoughts.) So if you’re cynical, you have a critical mind. You’re going to be cynical from time to time. What you choose to think about your cynicism can change.

Men are cynical fucks. Cynicism comes from seeing how shitty shit is. In order to see how shitty shit is, you must think logically and critically. This is something women aren’t good at. It’s a manly trait. And whatever, that’s fine. This post isn’t for female depression.
The problem arises when men aren’t allowed to be cynical. When a man can’t say “Silly woman, stop telling me you’re cold when I’ve told you not to wear leggings when it’s -20 celsius outside.”
Although she looked hot.
I’ll give her that.
It definitely made her ass look really good.

I never realized that some men have issues telling their girlfriends basic shit like that. Most men can’t even give their opinion on household econ.
I know tons of dudes who are working full-time, and their girlfriend works 50% while paying less rent, less utilities, and less for food.
She doesn’t take care of the house, and they have no kids. These dudes don’t say shit about it. They know they’ll just be shat on, and their silly woman will leave them for another beta. We have betas-a-plenty in the modern world. This entire miljö leads to depression for men. But this is not the only cause of the mass-depression we’re seeing. It’s one out of a billion little factors.

So now we’re talking sub-factors to the factors. It’s factorception. Keep reading, Fuck.

More commonly, medically referenced reasons for depression are diet, exercise, etc. We know that, so let’s not talk about that shit.

I’ll call my variant of depression “cynicism-induced” depression.

Now that I coined it, I may as well cure “cynicism-induced” depression:

Men need to teach themselves how to deal with their innate cynicism.
You need to realize it’s not a positive or negative thing.
It’s like uranium. You can use it for good or for evil.
And for fucks sake, you NEED to let it out, not matter how much it may piss people off.

I stole a beggar’s chair yesterday. Flipped him off as he stood in the distance looking at me. Apparently he’d never seen an angry Swede before.
Why’d I do this? Because he’s been begging for money outside of the same store for 1.5 years. He has not contributed a dime to our economy. He does not know our language. And this fucker has had 1.5 years to improve his situation, but he’s chosen not to.

He’s committed to being human garbage. That’s his choice. Fuck him.

The cure, in other words, is to stop being a pussy. Don’t be irrational. Don’t be violent.

Treat people like you’d treat yourself.
If I treat him better than I would myself, then I’m showing how little I value myself.
I’d hate myself if I didn’t do anything to improve.
I’d hate myself for taking money with nothing to offer.
I’d hate myself for a life of sloth.

Stop being a timid fuck.

I’ll talk about religionlessnessness and tribelessness in future posts. This turned out to be a looooooooong post.


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