Fear culture.

Glorious greetings to the subhuman waste of the internet. You truly don’t belong here.

With that said, I’d like to make an addendum to my latest post on Shame and guilt.


I don’t like going back and saying I was wrong, so I won’t. I’ll let you do the criticizing.
What I want to point out is that there’s a third element going on in our culture:




What I’ve come to notice is that a very morbid, distorted version of shame is used to rule the left, while fear is used to rule the majority of people. The majority being the A-political/undecided people who’s worldview isn’t beholden to any ideology, party, or organization.

Fear is also used to rule the “right wing,” and to a much greater extent. The “right wing” in this sense, being self-proclaimed right wing, when, in fact, they are cronies. Think of Bush, Romney, Megyn Kelly etc.
Not going to include Ben Shapiro. I just think he’s autistic, and doesn’t the delicate intricacies of anything outside of rigid principles. I’ll write another post on that some time.


Shame is what the left uses to demonstrate their rules in an effort that we’ll follow along. Fear is the response to the consequences of breaking their rules.

An example of this would be how the left shames sexist jokes.

If your estrogen-fueled fat blob of a co-worker overhears you making a “woman in the kitchen joke,” while he sips his soy-latte and revels in the delicious taste of phytoestrogen, he might go so far as to shame you by saying that you’re being lewd. Maybe even uncouth. In many cases he’ll just go straight to your boss, and your boss, will kind of tell you to maybe not be a dick.
And you’ll go “okay?”
And your boss will go “Well, I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t anything big, but don’t make stupid jokes.”
And you’ll be like “Okie dokie…” while you awkwardly step out of his office, wondering what the fuck that was all about. Was it the woman joke? Or was it that suicide joke you told? Who the fuck ratted you out anyway? Fuck.

This is supposed to instill fear of repercussion within you through shaming you for stepping out of line.

But once you break the rules, you’ll start to realize it’s fine. They’re pussies, and you can break their rules all you want.

What, are they going to fire you? Whatever, I’ll make money one way or another. There are enough of us down-to-earth people out there. We’ll make our own industries, organizations, media. And you know what’s great? We don’t have to pay you useless fucks in the HR department.

Check this out:

fuck ass nigger trannydong





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