Shame and guilt.

Yes, yes. I know. This is a bit late. It’s old news.


I rest my case.


Let’s jump right in. The people in the video cast shame upon the autist because he tackled some fag. This is a pretty cool spectacle to watch, seeing as we don’t live in a shame society. We live–in the west–in a guilt society (Sort of. I’ll get in to that soon.)

Shame and guilt are two different types of mechanisms used to keep people in line.

Guilt is a set of rules ingrained into an individual in their childhood. Once the rules are broken, the individual feels guilt. Even the prospect of breaking the rules invokes thoughts of guilt. This allows us westerners to break rules which we would consider arbitrary.

Shame, like guilt, is invoked in childhood. But it is not a set of rules to abide by. It’s a standard of other people’s feelings about you, so that if you disappoint them, you feel shame.

I’m going to assume that the feeling itself is the same. The difference is the catalyst to the feeling.

Now, the west has been split between guilt and shame for a long time. We used to be a guilt society. Your parents raised you with certain rules, and as long as you didn’t break those rules, you lived with a good conscience. My guess is that we began shifting toward a shame society with the invocation of public schools.

I could write a book on this. But this is a blog, so let’s cut to the ffffffffkin chase.


We in the west need to fuck shame. Fuck it right up the arse. We have a moral code. Atheists and Christians alike. Murder is wrong, lying is wrong, etc. If you do not break these, you should never feel bad. End of story.

This group conformity thing is really tiresome, and never leads to anything but subjugation to other people’s whims.

If you’re called a racist. “Whatever.”
If you’re called a bigot. “Whatever.”
If you’re called a misogynist. “Whatever.”

You know you.
I said nigger. Big deal.
Oh, I’m perpetuating slave culture?
Yeah, I guess my forefathers dying to end slavery was not enough.
I guess having indentured servants in my bloodline doesn’t allow me to play the slave-card, simply because they were fair-skinned.

Yeah, no. I’m going to keep making fun of shit I find funny. I’m going to keep shitting on Muslim culture because I find it reprehensible toward women and gays. I’m going to keep being sexually attracted to white women, and only white women.

If you’re black, and you prefer black culture, more power to you. Whatever.
If you only like Asian women. Ok, cool. Whatever.

And if you want to throw a punch, I invite you.




Uh, yea. This concludes my rant. HAVE A GOOD JUAN, PEOPLE.




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