Rational humans?!

Greetings, kindred souls of the great and powerful internet. :^)

Relax, have a glass of whisky–but don’t overdo it, you fucking alcoholic piece of shit. This is the last time I’m paying for your rehab. You’re really getting on my nerves, and I’ve talked to my lawyer about a prenup.


Have a listen, and a read, why don’t you?


Also, that question was rhetorical. It’s difficult to convey the delicate punctuation of social interaction over text…



A thought sprung to my mind while I was relieving my bladder of liquid in what seemed to be a urinal, but I later found out wasn’t. It definitely looked like a urinal…
Fine, I should have wondered why the angle of the urinal left my cock exposed to anyone walking past the bathroom, but other than that, it was definitely a urinal.
Boy was that embarrassing…

I heard someone talking about the human mind today. Apparently humans are more emotional than they are rational. This fit my worldview, and gave me a good feeling, so I decided to talk about it.

Everyone’s always clamoring to be correct. Constantly. It’s fucking annoying as hell, especially when you know that–first of all–it doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong. I just don’t want to be standing there, looking at your disgusting, smug face as you tell me lies. But secondly, because nobody is right about 90% of shit outside of waking up, eating, shitting, and doing their job. And even at work, they’re invariably half-incompetent.
Hey, man, that’s fine, and all. It’s cool. Chill.

The annoying part is that there are alpha-chimps on top of the social rung calling the shots, and the beta-chimps on the rung below take the orders without question.

I’ll break down the analolgy.

You’ve got a classroom full of chimps.

Wait, analolgy.

You’ve got a classroom full of students, and a professor. The professor is the alpha-chimp. The way he tosses his feces is the correct way. The students are the beta-chimps, and they all want to toss their feces like the professor does.


What, or who, tells the alpha-chimp how to throw his feces?
We’d expect the alpha-chimp to follow a methodology on “how best to throw one’s feces.”

This isn’t always the case.
Sometimes the dung-slinging methodology is quite shit.
It ends up hitting the professor right in his face.

And then you’ve got an entire lecture hall full of students flinging shit in their faces.


Why does the mom say “is he blowing raspberries at you?”

What? Raspberries?
Come on, mom…


This post has not ben spell checked. It has not been edited. I don’t like producing quality material, sry fkrs.





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