Click this or your soul will be destroyed.

Hellowwwww, my fellow plebeians. My dirt-smitten pedestrians. You lamentable scourge upon such a pure and wonderful word.


Today I shall bring up something that weigheth heavily-eth ‘pon mines hearteth.

I only remember vague generalities and principles, so I’m easily defeated against people who bring up specifics. This might be the case for you, too.

I’ll read over an article, analyse it, and come to a conclusion. From there on, I’ll most likely only remember the conclusion.

This makes it extremely difficult to debate or discuss specifics.

Often times, I’ll find myself in a debate, defeated, only to pour over the information again, and try to analyze it from a different point of view.


Other times, I won’t even be understood by the person I’m talking to. Partly because I don’t formulate myself like a university professor when I speak (IE: assume a position of intellectual superiority and wit,) and partly because they’re not on the same wavelength.



I think this is because people aren’t critically thinking–or thinking at all–when they talk to others. I, too, can go in to knee-jerk mode if I feel like it. Receive, process information quickly, respond immediately. And I think this is the default mode for most people.

When I actually care about a topic, I’ll be trying as hard as possible to analyse the person’s wording, the consistency of what they say, the topic in general, things that relate to what they’re talking about, generalities, principles, and practical outcomes.

This doesn’t work with most people. I just end up looking stupid and scattered. Works with some women, though almost never with men.

However, I’ve come to a conclusion:

Most people are idiots. If this is how you feel, just realize that most people are idiots. Complete and utter drones.
They don’t give a shiiiiiiiiiiiiet about truth.
They don’t caaaaaaare.
It’s as if you’re grinding a nail against a chalkboard whenever you bring up anything metaphysical or existential.
“Oh god, I thought we were so over those prehistoric subjects.”

And this isn’t interesting to anyone. It’s not interesting to anyone that I’m making you think as I type. It’s not at all a marvelous spectacle that the autonomy of your mind will produce completely unique thoughts and feelings when you read this. Or maybe it won’t? I think it depends on the type of person you are. Maybe I’ll write an entire post about this subject.



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