Philosophy of control

Do you know how I, and many others, can control you? It’s very simple.
With that said, here’s the sociopath’s guide to both the manipulation of an individual, or to causing mass psychosis:


In order to gain power over an individual, you must first gain control of their thoughts. Thoughts are the precursors to action. If their thoughts are your thoughts, then their action is your bidding.

To perceive the world, an input of information is needed. The information is then processed by emotions, and a system of thought. Once it is processed, there is an output.

The input can be anything from words to images and sounds. Anything that makes you feel and think.

Emotions are emotions (tautology of doom.) Our instinctual reaction to something. Do we cringe, get angry, jealous, etc. Emotions always come before thought.

A system of thought is what allows us to “rationalise” the world we live in. Any major, and influential system of thought, is internally consistent. Not correct. Not true. Consistent. It must simply abide by our innate sense of logic. Everyone is logical, some more, some less.

Output is the result of running the input through emotions and a system of thought. The output is a conclusion.

We often forget the importance that our emotions play. I think this is because we venerate objectivity and rationality to the point where we pretend that we are purely rational beings. We are not. We are both rational and emotional.

If you want to control a human being, you look no further than their emotions. Their subjective reality. The process of information that they don’t pay much attention to.

You use emotions to slowly distort and warp their system of thought to your satisfaction.

If I can convince you that you want coffee by coupling coffee with a pleasant experience (IE: pleasant emotion,) you’ll get an urge to buy it.
The outcome of buying and drinking coffee isn’t very relevant to anything other than you.

But what if I could convince you to see almost your entire world through a process of thought that distorts your worldview to my satisfaction?

I’ll explain exactly how this is done outside your run-of-the-mill coffee advertisement, where they display some picturesque patio, a view of a beautiful lake, pin needle trees, birds chirping, and a hot wife coming out to say good morning (presumably after a night of incredibly hard fucking… or gentle, whatever, fuck you.) Bla bla, you get the point.

You’ll need more than an emotion, though. You’ll need a primal impulse. Or as a biologist would call it; an instinct. The stronger the emotion, the harder the person will cling to the belief that you planted in their head.

You know the seven deadly sins, right?
Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

Whether you’re an atheist, theist, or a looney McGooney new-ager, it’s pretty easy to figure out why they are sins. They’re bad for you, but simultaneously, they are very strong sins/instincts.

The way you get someone to do what you want is to give them a system of thought that rationalizes at least one of these instincts/sins.

Most people are not immune to bullshit, but they are wary of inconsistency to some degree. If the basis of your rationalisation is a lie, then the rationalisation can still be internally consistent, and therefore, fairly believable. Especially if the subject wants it to be.

An example of such a system that allows you to rationalise the deadly sins, is feminism. Feminism utilizes pride and envy first and foremost. Feminism is built around masking women’s envy of men’s accomplishments with pride. Envy is the catalyst.
But feminism, just as any major system of thought-control, enables the rationalisation of all sins by masking them with pride.

Here’s an example:
Emma notices that her paycheck is smaller than that of her male counterpart, Stan. Emma wants a paycheck as large as Stan’s (envy.) Instead of applying for the same type of job that Stan has, or working as many hours as he does, Emma is mired in the idea that this is simply because he is male. This allows her to live in a world where she must be as hard working as he is, and entitled to as much money (pride,) when this is simply not true.

Fact: The mean income of men is higher than that of women.
Fiction: Men earn more than women for the same job, with the same amount of hours spent working. (Now factor in health benefits, and hours worked on top of this study…)

What feminism has done, is construct an entire system of thought in order to make women perceive that this fiction is reality. The system of thought is convoluted, and incredibly expansive. It’d take an entire book to pick it apart, so let’s stick to the basics. Any system of thought control needs an enemy. With no enemy, there can be no wrath.

But, most people have a conscience. Our conscience needs to feel justified in order to aggress against others. For this, the “others” (patriarchy/men in feminism’s case) need to have aggressed first. This will allow the mindless surf (feminist) to feel justified in their hateful feelings toward the “others.”

Most Marxist doctrines use the same techniques as feminism, just with a different coating of words. The main sins of a mass psychosis–mass control–are never Gluttony or lust. They will follow (fat shaming, slut shaming). You must allow them to be rationalized, but they are not the primary sins. If you’re looking to control one individual, they can be utilized, but they’re never the primary focus of deluding a group of people.

Here’s the creed of your average Marxist/socialist/feminist:

They want what you, the hard-worker, have. ENVY and GREED
They do not work as hard as you, or surely they’d have it. SLOTH
They believe they’re entitled to it. PRIDE
And they HATE you for it! WRATH

The inevitable outcome of this philosophy of control is always wrath. Wrath is destruction, which is the logical outcome of rationalizing these destructive behaviors.

Or not. If you want to use it please reference it, thx baaaaaiiiiii


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