The state of Sweden.

When you dig for information on Clinton and Trump, you find stuff.

Clinton’s body count, Trump’s candid bus video, etc.

But when you dig for information on Swedish state officials, there’s almost nothing to be found. Swedes would say this is because their politics are “better” in some manner. Because they are more educated, and more sophisticated. Because they’re less corrupt than everyone else.

That is far from the truth.

We’re equally dumb, and equally uneducated.

What I think Sweden lacks, is real journalism.

Sweden must be making deals behind closed doors that we do not know about. Criminality is a principle of a late-stage democracy.

All our politicians are bought somehow, and nobody in this country is trying to find anything out about anything. We simply accept what the government tells us, and move on with our lives.

This mentality lets us sit atop a high throne–a delusion–wherein we are less corrupt, and more intelligent than the other pleb-countries in the world. Makes you feel good about yourself.


We’re equally corrupt. We’re equally bought. We just don’t know it yet.


If you've got some dirt on our Swedish government, let me know! Let's get our country back on track. Make Sweden Swedish Again!

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