Dehumanization is a process wherein you replace the person’s thoughts with other thoughts about a target group. This is done in order to make people want to attack each other.

Your brain has a default concept for every specific group of people. When you think of blacks or caucasians, some of the objective concept criteria are:

2 legs, skin tone, eye color, 2 arms, hands, etc.

These are clear, physical criteria. But there are other criteria, too. Some follow with each individual group. Criteria such as intellectual capacity, capacity to lift, run, etc.


If you want to dehumanize a group, you could replace, or–as is more often done, because it’s more subtle–simply highlight other, false concept criteria. Simultaneously, what you can do is exalt your own group, so that the other group looks worse in perspective. This is done in the same manner, by replacing negative concept criteria, and/or highlighting false positive criteria.

Example of dehumanizing whites:

Replace “Average intelligence” with “Stupid”

Switch your groups intelligence from “Lower than average intelligence” to “higher than average intelligence”

Now, all of a sudden, you don’t have to listen to what white people say, because they’re dumb, and you’re smart. Done diddly-un.

I think you get the gist of what I’m saying.


People do this in every-which-way possible. You can do it through colorful language, such as slurs. Hitler called Jews “Vermin” a lot, and that will subtly influence the subject’s mind to believe that Jews share the same traits as vermin.

You can do it through imagery. Paint a picture of your own group being persecuted by your targeted group. Done. You’ve influenced someone.

Come to think of it, this world is sick. It’s completely sick. Everything is mostly just an opinion. Just someone shoving their opinions down your throat. And most people can’t figure out what’s true, because they don’t have the tools necessary.

In all honesty, I think that’s what we need our feelings for. Most people are too dumb to analyze what’s false and true. We need to listen to our hearts. The problem is that most people say that just to disguise their own agenda in order to manipulate others. Most people parade around as saviors of the poor, blacks, hispanics, and whoever else. They’re fakers. They don’t give a shit-

Anyway. Here is a dehumanized white guy. Enjoy.


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