Levels of insight

I spawned this philosophical insight of depth and intellect while taking a dump at work.

First I thought of how I was being paid to shit. Literally being paid to shit. Earning money whole defecating. Only German fetish pornstars get paid to do such things.

Anyway… After I’d overcome that thought, I began to focus my mental energy on deep, deep things.

People seem to be on different wavelengths. You’ll start talking about something, and everyone interprets it differently. Similarly, people interpret their environment differently. Things in the environment, movies, books, whatever.

I developed 3 different levels of insights.

1 – What is it?

  • Everyone has this insight. You see something, and you see what it is, for what it appears to be. No pontification required. No analysis. Nothing. You see a chair, and you see that it has 4 legs, etc.

2 – Meaning/use

  • Not everyone practices this insight as well as the other, but almost everyone has it. Everyone gets what the use of the chair is, but not everyone gets this quote: to_them_youre_just-145207

3 – Why?

  • Most people fail hard at this. This insight is the one that fosters creativity, and probably a bunch of other shit. Whatever, it’s just a stupid shit-pontification. This insight will allow you to understand why the joker said what he said, and what you can do to fix it or come with an alternate method. Why are we using wind/water power, when we could use nuclear? That type of thing. I think most people drop off completely at this level, unless it’s some really basic shit like understanding why a chair exists. Yeah, that’s where your ass goes.


I googled this when the majority of my shit had been expunged from my anus. Sadly, there’s nothing new under the sun, and some psychologist, somewhere, had written something much more eloquent and cryptic regarding this topic.







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