Philosophy of the useless eaters

This guy clearly needs to update his site to something from this century:

But aaaaanyway. You might have read this article:


This has been the modus operandi of our governments for a very long time.

Doesn’t matter which country you live in. Left and right have always been working together.

Where I’m nestled–in Sweden–it’s exactly the same as the USA. Swedes will often make snarky comments about how the USA is on the deep end of right wing, but that’s untrue, and they’re just nescient, self-righteous little puppets. In fact, we invested in socialism far before you did, Sweden.

Gotta remember that we’re the pioneers of the modern world. We do things first, stupid shit included.

And furthermore, what you must understand about politics, is that the USA controls the majority of the world’s decisions through leverage, money, political connections, wars, etc.

Sweden is USA's little cuck-child. 
Probably only to be kept around so that US leftists can brag about how well socialism works, which is a lie. (Socialism is fucking retarded, and I've never met anyone with more than one brain cell that thinks it's a good idea.)

But aaaahahahahahanyway…

The philosophy of the useless eaters is probably not spot on (and it sounds a little cooky.) So why the fuck did I bring it up, then?


The purpose of this article was simply to introduce a different philosophy/worldview than the one you have currently. It’s purpose is to introduce skepticism to government officials, and to help shatter your view of the political leader’s status quo.

It sounds super edgy. But hey, fuck you.

We understand from the Bush regime, and the Obama regime, that both the right and the left are capable of going to war. We understand that both the right and the left are capable of spending through the roof.

We’ve seen through recent years, that Europe is merging in to a “federacy”, just as the USA already has. We see the individual country/state rights disappearing in the US/EU “federacies.” Some say there are benefits from this, but that’s complete and utter bullshit.

With that said, it’s abundantly apparent that a group of people are trying to establish themselves at the top of the pyramid in order to control us.

This is what we call globalism. A one-world government.

You may find it difficult to understand, but some people just fucking hate you plebs.

And just as communism, it may sound beautiful to irrational, uneducated dipshits, but it will inevitably have the same outcome as the soviet union gulags.

This is why we need nationalism. (No, nationalism is not the same as nazism, you dumb fuck.)

Swedes focus on Sweden.

Americans focus on America.

Don’t  hand over your sovereignty to any rulers, no matter how charming they may seem.



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