Linguistic programming/lefty mindset

Just putting that there, before we start delving in to deep, deep matters.

Listen to Podcast 3 – Linguistic Programming.

I think I come off as more intelligent when I write. Probably because words come out of my mouth too fast for me to self-censor or think twice. I think most people understand what I’m talking about, but I tried to put myself into the mindset of a brainwashed surf, and I couldn’t see myself getting the point. So there’s that. Something I need to work on. After all, we’re here to convince the brainwashed surfs, not preach to the choir.

It’s interesting how “colloquial” terms, like “right wing” will be interpreted completely differently depending on the worldview that you have.

I call it colloquial, because that’s what it is. After all is said and done, nobody really cares about objective definitions of things.

Let me shed the light of holy knowledge ‘pon this shiteth.

To people such as myself, the right wing is defined by an objective measurement of government power. There are two main, objective means of measuring this:

  1. Economy
  2. Freedoms/rights

To see how right/left your country is, you simply look at how much of the economy is private or public. Public sector economy is left, private is right.

To see how right/left your country is, you simply look at how many freedoms are afforded to the people.

This is an objective way of measuring and defining. Of course, I boiled it all down, and it’s probably far more complex to all the polisci majors out there. But you guys are dicks. So there’s that. I think I got the point across fairly well.

To a leftist, however, this is not how you define right/left wing. They do not look at real-world examples of things. They do not look at the economy (in fact, I don’t think most of them even understand what an economy is, or how complex, yet simple it is. Simple principles, yet nearly incalculable variables of cause and consequences.)

Leftists look at what people have said. At the images conjured in their minds-eye by words. Honestly, it’s a very primitive way of thinking. It’s basic classical conditioning. Pavlov’s dogs.

A leftist sees Hitler yelling, being dominant, and comes to understand that our society dislikes Nazism. Our schools give the lefties a general sentiment about Nazism. The sentiment is fueled by adjectives, for the most part. Adjectives tied to images and moods.

From now on, that is imprinted on the leftist’s mind.

This is why they simply accept that Nazism is “right wing”. They don’t think for themselves. They don’t ask themselves why socialism is defined as left wing in our school systems, yet national socialism is defined as right wing. And if you ask why (which I did), half of the class will scoff at you, as if they have read all the books on the Nazi empire, along with economics, and political science. They haven’t. They’re stupid teens, and your high school teacher is a complete failure at life.

Just keep that in mind if this ever happens to you. If you have a genuine question, and it’s answered with scoffs. Just fuck ’em. They’re sheeple.

Because if we delved into the Nazi empire, and tried to understand why it happened, rather than the simple sentiment that we hate it, we’d come to unearth knowledge. And knowledge must be suppressed in order to rule us.

It’s pretty simple, to me, that by simple pattern recognition, you can see that what is being venerated by idiots is socialism, and what is suppressed is nationalism. This is why they enjoy taking a dump on Nazism, and try desperately to put it on the right wing.

See, you don’t want a history lesson, and neither do I. I can tell you WHY Nazism happened, and what we can do to prevent it. I could tell you why nationalism is a virtue, and socialism is cancer. But my job is just to tell you that the systems we’ve come to regard as “qualified” are full of idiots.

For the idiots out there who don’t understand what I’m saying: No, I’m not a Nazi. Stop being a silly, retarded goose.


Raubtier is a very good band. Holy shit, the lyrics are genius. Very appropriate for our time. Very beautiful use of language, too. Swedes suck at their own language, in general. We’re not really taught grammatical structure or anything here. But this guy has mastered it. We need an English band like this:

Yes, I know a picture of a fucking tank is pretty… yeah. Y’know. Hyperbolic, or whatever. But that’s probably how Sweden will look within 5 years unless we change.



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