Big daddy gubmint and war with Ruskis

Hello, everyJuan.

I had an epiphany today, as I stood, pontificating and welding. (That’s what I do 9 hours a day)

The government has replaced fathers almost completely. Almost no practical need for dads anymore.


Think about it…

Daddy gubmint will provide for you.

Daddy gubmint will fix grievances.

Daddy gubmint punishes those who disobey.

Daddy gubmint provides you with knowledge.

Daddy gubmint loves you…


No wonder women love the government. It’s dad. :^)


On a side note, I am looking forward to Hillary getting elected. I’d love to have a war with Russia.

“State election………………………………………. systems…”

Remember, girls; you’re equal to men, so we expect your casualties to be at least 50% when we fight the Russians :^)

“Create an enemy and unite the country against them”

Exactly what Clinton is trying to do. Instead of uniting the people of the country against our government (Trump’s tactic), she’s trying to unite the people with the government against Russia. War.

However, for Clinton, this will be difficult, as she–and all the other lefties–have been dividing the country in to small categories of women, men, blacks, whites, latinos, etc.

Yeah, try uniting the country when you’ve divided it, Clinton. GLHF.


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