Yet another internet intellectual

Look at this piece of shit and laugh. He is the epitome of what I have been talking about.

“Logic motherfuckers!” LOL.

What a stupid, cringeworthy cunt.

“I have never been more straw-manned in my life.”

LOL. The way he says it with that little stutter. He’s so insecure about what he’s talking about.

Look at how he waves his arms up and down when he says “Straw-manned my position.”

Rofl. It’s like he thinks “strawman” is a magic wand that makes arguments go away.

Dusty, you don’t understand what a strawman argument is, because you go on to make several of them against the Dolan. Like saying that the Dolan doesn’t believe in global warming.

Where’s the delineation between anthropogenic global warming and- oh, wait, you don’t know what anthropogenic means? Yeah, never mind. I guess you were straw-manned, or whatever.

You can’t possibly have so little self-insight, that you project what you yourself do, onto others. Oh, wait… you were a Bernie fan. A self-entitled little piece of gimme-gimme. Of course you think you can say whatever you want, and not be held to any standards.

These are the people that virtue signal around the dinner table, letting everyone know how well versed in “logic” they are because they read a short summary on Aristotle at some shitwankey website that got half of it wrong.

“Why, I’m an atheist and a skeptic, and I’m really logical and mye mye mye… Can’t believe something you can’t see… Those Christians are just soooooooo dumb.”

Whatever, fuckwit, nobody gives a cunt about you, or the regurgitated CNN propaganda you spew. They just watch your shit to get confirmation and feel good about themselves and their unresearched worldviews.

Listen to this fuckwad talk about the religious freedom bill, as if it’s a bad thing.

In the United States, a religious freedom bill is a bill that, according to its proponents, allows those with religious objections to same-sex marriage to act in accordance with their beliefs without having to worry about being punished by the government for doing so. –Wikipedia

He’s so retarded that he heard “religious freedom” and automatically opposed it.

Do you want people to be punished for their beliefs? How Voltairian of you. It’s not a ban on gay marriage, you fucking cretin. It’s allowing men of the cloth to abstain from performing marriage ceremonies. It’s called giving people a choice. It’s called not forcing them into certain behaviors. You want gays to be able to force a pastor to marry them. And this has happened. But you don’t care. You just want to virtue signal. You don’t care if it creates more division in this country.



Yes. Murdering babies and incentivizing late-stage Roman civilization’s sexcapades is bad for the country.

But you don’t care. You just want to tell us how good of a person you are because you let doctors jam a pair of scissors into a babies neck, and snip it’s spinal cord to kill it. Yeeeeeebuhuhuhuhuddy, great moral stance, there.

Instead of accepting the harsh reality that people should THINK before fucking, you just want to take the easy road and murder babies. After all, I guess you have more “logical” things to think about. Or whatever.

And stop talking about shit you know nothing about. You don’t know anything about regulations and economics. You’ve heard the words. You’ve heard them used on TV and twitter, but you haven’t read up on any of it. It’s incredibly clear as soon as you open your mouth. You are ignorant. You are not educated. You are an average knee-jerk liberal with a couple of words in his arsenal, but nothing between your ears.

Dusty, you are an SJW.


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