Who gives a shit

Who gives a shit who you’re voting for, you dirty fucking hippie?

Look at the legal text he has before the video, as if it does anything?
If someone wants to sue you, they will. Putting up a stupid disclaimer doesn’t help. It just makes you look incredibly fucking pretentious. Oh, yes, I’m sure you had a meeting with your secret Jew council to make sure all the legalities were in place.

“I’m here to present you with some facts…”
Yeah no. Nope. No you ain’t. Let’s not lie. Bad hippie. Bad.

“When it comes to Dolan Trump, he’s not only a visibly spoken racist, but a very, very obvious misogynist. And this has been documented, not just a few times, but on almost 100’s of occasions. In fact, the New York Times just published a full spread in their magazine showing all the tweets he’s ever said. Belittling people. Their religion, their race, their sexuality… etc “

“This is something we shouldn’t see coming out of a presidential candidate, let alone someone running for mayor, or even just to get a job working at a local Walmart.”

You do realize everyone says things that are offensive?

Oh, no, wait, you’re one of those people. You pretend like some people are perfect, and gently slide yourself into that category when nobody is looking. Gotcha.

You see, where I come from–industry–guys talk like this every day. Then they go home to their wives and their girlfriends and treat them with respect. So if we were to decline people based on things they say that are perceived to be off-record (like the grab-a-pussy-bus-incident), we would have no alphas left to run anything. Then we’d all be having indecisive little shits like you running things, too afraid to even think of the wrong thing, so you just end up doing pontificating on whether or not crystals have special powers.

The hippie goes on to say…

“Including this, some of his more extreme views include the view that we should invade Africa to obtain oil by force…”

I tried googling this in every way possible. This is not true. You are lying to people, and you know it. I can tell, because your hand gestures aren’t in sync with your words. They are indecisive, just like your fluttering eyes are when you lie. So please stop lying. You’re so ugly when you lie.

Second of all, Africa is a continent. I think you’d be hard-pressed to invade an entire continent. So next time you lie, make it more specific. It’s like saying we’re going to invade Asia for rice. Yeah, plausible…

The only places he has said he would take oil from are ISIS controlled zones. But I suppose you’d rather have the oil in their hands.

“He has said in press conferences that he would like to be the president in control if he was to start WW3…”

First off, this makes no sense. And I can not find a quote like this.

Let’s come to a sound conclusion: you are a dirty, lying hippie.

Does Donald get along with Putin? Yes.

Okay, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he does not want to start a war. I’m going to go out on the farthest branch in your looney little tree-house, and say that he would want to be in control if it were to happen. That is how a winner talks. But you’d know nothing about that. You are a smelly hippie.

Later on the hippie goes on to boil down fascism to some stupid slinging of words.
No, hippie. Fascism originates from Fasces. It means, “bundle of sticks.” From there on, you can guess what the political inclination of Fascism is. Exactly, a one-party state.

Has Dolan ever said he wants a one-party state? No.

I think you’re just scared because he talks loud and makes big gestures.

This hippie takes such a fence-sitting approach to this whole thing. And I see a few people doing this. Fewer and fewer, but there are still some that try to play it cool. Trying not to ruffle feathers.

Dolan isn’t perfect. Nobody is. That is a stupid, naive expectation.

People died fighting totalitarian governments so you could have your dumb little religion, and your dumb little worldview, in your comfortable, dumb little suburbia.

And if push comes to shove, I will take a bullet for our Republic, while you sip tea and meditate with your fucking crystals. Or whatever.

Peace out, you unshaven, illogical, lying, crystal-gazing, thumb-sucking, hippie shit.


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