Racism is dead

Racism does not exist.

These people have proven it to me:


These people reached in to my heart, and showed me that they are past their race.

They are above it.

And from their strength, I gain strength.


There are still a few people left to convince. But they are not many. Now, take a look at this video:


These teens are incredibly smart compared to their counterparts. Listen to when the 16 year old says something like “You’re a 30 year old black man, and you’re yelling at a 16 year old.”

That 30 year old guy’s lip is trembling when he’s talking to teens. He’s about to cry :^)

It’s so funny!

He knows he’s wrong. He’s based his entire worldview on bigotry and division. That’s why he’s yelling at a 16 year old kid.  Later on some woman comes and says it’s “sad” that they’re voting for Trump. Then she gets schooled by a kid in glasses, who is so fast with his responses, it’s like he’s 10 steps ahead of her. AND SHE’S 40+!

Then, when the redneck guy comes along, and the black kid seems to get along and agree with him, the 30 year old fatty limp-trembler doesn’t seem to know what to do.
“What the fuck?! This guy is a redneck! Why doesn’t the black kid hate him?! He talks with a twang and wears a shirt with a particular symbol!”

This is typical of the left. They have been telling us for generations that we are the bigots.


We’re educated. We’re uneducated. We’re rude. We’re polite. We’re black. We’re white.







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