I saw a video with Jaclyn Glenn and Jesse Lee Peterson.

Jaclyn calls it a debate in the description. It’s not a debate. There’s no moderator. They’re not making arguments. It does not meet the criteria for a debate.

He asks her questions, and they talk. So it’s a talk. Let’s just get that straight from the get-go. If you were expecting a heated debate between Hitchens and some redneck preacher man, this ain’t it.

I know you want it to be, Jaclyn, but it’s not.

In another video, Jaclyn describes how she felt uncomfortable during the “debate”.

Oh, I can tell, Jaclyn. Someone’s clearly got an inferiority complex the size of her degreeeeeeeeeeeee—-wait a minute. I COULDN’T FIND ANY DEGREES. I GUESS THERE’S NO COMEDIC MATERIAL TO BE HAD THERE.

So let’s not play the “smarter than thou” card when you haven’t gone to school.

But oh, wait, we’re getting there.

A plethora of Jaclyn’s thumbnails have cute little arrows pointing at people, calling them dumb. I know, I know, it’d be hard to tell who’s the idiot in her videos if she didn’t make it blatantly clear. Spoon feeding your audience preconceived notions makes it very easy for them to tell who won the “debate”.

And I’m sure you get that joke a lot from your sycophantic fans, so we’ll move on, once again.

It’s cool, Jaclyn. I know you probably have some smart fans, and some dumb fans. Probably have some critical fans, some sycophantic. These are jokes. Let’s both get over it and move on.

At 8:16 in the latter video, Jesse says, regarding a gay dude; “Oh, he was acting like- would normally be acting like a woman?”

Jaclyn is distraught by this. But I’ll tell you why he’s right.

And I could pile up a list of studies that compare gay male brains to female brains. There are a lot of similarities. But you probably don’t care about that. You’d say that it’s a negative stereotype to conflate the sexual behavior of a hetero-female with a homo-male, just because they share the same partner. Ok. I’ll address that.

First off, when he says “act like a woman”, he’s trying to encapsulate a loose concept between the similarities of gay men and women. Most likely originating from his personal experience in talking to gay men. One of the criteria that heterosexual women have, is trying to fuck men. Right? I mean, we can at least go that far without getting hung up on an ethereal subject… right?

So being attracted to men is going to make you want to attract men, which is an ACTION.

Actually, just to push all of your buttons and stroke your fur the wrong way, I will take the aristotelian approach to prove the argument with pure logic (something you seem to worship).

Two of the many concept criteria for a heterosexual homo sapiens sapiens female:

-Wanting to fuck men.

-Attracting men.

Two of the many concept criteria for a homosexual homo sapiens sapiens male:

-Wanting to fuck men.

-Attracting men.

Boom. All of a sudden his analogy is valid, and you are a complete tool.

I’m sure Hitchens is cringing in his grave at your pseudo-intellectual videos.



You are a college dropout that does underwear shots for cheap money and male attention. Stick to that. This youtube intellectual thing might be fooling complete morons, but not me.


And just fyi, you don’t have to get butthurt for the gays. I’m sure they get plenty butthurt on their own. :^)


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