Comedians and comedy

I had to make this post, just because what I said last post was such an amazing insight. Yes, I know, I am really philosophical and über cool. Let’s get over myself.

A comedian’s job is to provoke laughter.

Actually, a comedian’s job is simply to provoke in a manner that causes most people to laugh.

A comedian’s job is to provoke.



There are two facets of comedy: natural comedy, and controlled comedy.


Natural comedy is as follows:

There is a vague objective standard on what is funny, and what is not funny. Invariably, what is funny, is tragic, or wrong. Natural comedy also includes logic-fails, such as puns and plays on words.

This type of comedy stems from what is inherently wrong in the world, illogical, or otherwise just plain tragic.

This comedy is an art. It is an art to reveal something tragic as something to laugh at. It requires a very strong logical brain. Comedians that successfully practice this type of comedy are very intelligent. South Park (in some ways), Gavin McInness, and HeyWatchYourMouth are good examples of this type of comedy. Not always funny, but they don’t follow anyone’s standards but their own intuition of comedy.


Controlled comedy is as follows: 

There is a social standard forced upon the people that dictates what is funny, and what is not funny. The laughter isn’t provoked, but instead signaled. It’s fairly similar to virtue signaling, in that the comedy points out something that the society has been told that they should not accept (juxtaposed to what they should accept if it were virtue signaling), and then expects laughter. The person laughing is then rewarded with social acceptance.

Controlled comedy can include elements of natural comedy, so long as it doesn’t go against the agreed upon social standard of what is okay to laugh at. Most comedians practice this to some extent.

This type of comedy is less difficult, and comedians that practice this are usually not very intelligent compared to natural comedians. Amy Schumer, Bill Maher, Family guy, and The Simpsons are good examples of this type of comedy.

Most comedians are controlled comedians. This is what you’d expect. The bar is lower, and there is less threat. Some are intelligent, but simply don’t have any balls to challenge the status quo.


Comedians are our modern day court jesters. The role they play in society is fairly similar in a lot of ways.

The dynamic of the court jester (comedian) is as follows:
If the court jester can make fun of something relating to the king, it draws the people closer to the king.

If the court jester is killed–or simply not allowed–to make fun of something, it breeds resentment toward the king.



In natural comedy, whoever understands logic-fails, and what is inherently tragic, laughs, unless that tragedy has happened (or is happening) to them.

Fat people will not laugh at fat jokes, and you shouldn’t expect them to. But you should expect them to not get offended, because fat jokes are objectively funny.

If they get offended (in other words, behead the jester), people know that there is something wrong with them. That tragedy lies within them (that’s why it’s so funny laugh at some obese guy getting incredibly angry because someone called him fatty mcboombalatty).







Let’s just boil it down REALLY REALLY simple for everyone.


If you don’t find something funny, that’s ok. Just don’t get offended, unless you want everyone to know that you’re a complete twat. Ok. Don’t shit on our fun. Thanks.




I really hate that I have to boil down comedy like this. It’s kind of autistic, and saps the fun out of it. FFFFFFUCK. That’s probably why so many comedians are depressed. They know all this shit.







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