Singular good / plural evil, and people’s worldview

I came up with this while taking a shit. Here you go, my filthy plebs. My gift unto you.


There is only one truth to every question that isn’t a yes/no question.

What is your birthday? 1990.



There is a multiplicity of lies to every question that isn’t a yes/no question.

What is your birthday? 1991

What is your birthday? 1992

What is your birthday? 1993



Truth is good. Let’s accept that for arguments sake, at least.

Lies are evil. Let’s accept that for arguments sake.

Evil is almost invariably pluralistic. In fact, it is by definition pluralistic because it has no principles. At the same time it is nothing, because it has no substance.

Truth is a reflection of reality, and therefore the concept reflects matter that exists in our world.




Whatever. You get the point.

You know now how to spot truth, and how to spot falsehood, so let’s apply this knowledge politically.

Which side is pluralistic by nature, and which is singular/monistic/however you’d like to put it?


Leftism splits people in to several different categories based on race/gender/sexuality, etc, and then extrapolates from there.


The right wing creates first principles surrounding the concept of human being, and extrapolates from there.


Leftism wants different laws for women, men, trannies, asexuals, bisexuals, LGBTIQAAPABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP, blacks, whites, hispanics, asians, muslims, christians, atheists, agnostics, buddhists, government sector, private sector, plumbers, welders, carpenters, doctors, nurses, etc.

You get the point. The list goes on to name exactly everything there is to control.


The right wing has the same laws for every human being.



Now we get to the interesting part. People’s thoughts.

What makes a person vote for a lie? It is either nescience, or evil.

Don’t confuse the two.

Nescient people aren’t very interesting. Let’s not go in to that.


What is interesting is why people would vote for a lie, knowing it is a lie. Why would they side with evil?

I don’t think we have to look further than ourselves to understand this. Everyone lies, and has lied. But there must be a clear delineation between them and us. We know lying is wrong. We accept the truth, no matter if it breaks us, and gives us momentary pain. We know it has a greater purpose than us.

They do not.

And I’ll cut it short.

I can see in their eyes when they lie. I see it in their expressions. I see the guilt being forced down by a farce justification of their evil existence.

They could change, but they have chosen not to.

These are the people we should look down upon. They are trapped inside the consequences of their actions. And it is sad.

But hey, tragedy = humor, so it’s all good.

Just laugh at them. Feel no guilt. No shame. It’s a weapon only to be used by your own conscience, not by other people.


Look at how fucking offended she is.

She walked RIGHT in to his trap. RIGHT in to it, and now everyone sees she doesn’t understand comedy. When you don’t understand comedy, you lose automatically. Such is the job of the comedian.

Anyway, bye.






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