Calm down

I reminisced upon an old lefty campaign called “F*ck h8”

It’s still going on. I mean, if there’s money to make, the cause doesn’t have to die, right? RIGHT?

Just as the scam that was Kony 2012 hasn’t died down either. There’s still a donate button there.

What I find amusing about campaigns like this, is that no guilt-free person gets involved in this shit. We know that we take care of our communities. We have jobs that provide others with services they need.

The people that do charity from the heart don’t brag about it. They’re never in your face about it. You get to know them, and then eventually find out that they sponsor AA meetings, that they have gone to Africa to build wells, or work in the soup kitchen every now and then. They don’t wear cheap merchandise or tags to show off how good they are.

Whenever you see someone flaunting their charity, you automatically cringe. Why? Because you know they’re doing it to make you feel bad.

And it’s true.

They are projecting.

They want you to feel bad in order to elevate themselves. They’re parasites in every sense. Most of them are getting college loans, living with parents, or on welfare.

Fck h8 is just a bunch of hateful feminists, forcing kids to swear on camera for shock value. It’s pitiful. And it’s even more pitiful that stupid people buy their merch.

No, you’re not cool. No, you’re not edgy.

The rolling stones were edgy. Steve-o was edgy. Cancerslug is edgy.

You’re most certainly not edgy. Neither am I, but you don’t see me fucking complaining about it?

I laff. HA.

Now fuck off.

Have a good day, sir or madam. Or attack helicopter.


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