Multiplication extrapolation of negation of ruination.

Everyone knows that multiplying two negatives gives you a positive number.

Maybe not everyone. But most people.

Okay, not most people.

Most people in the western world.


I’ll blow your mind, and just say that there’s no evidence that multiplying two negatives gives you a positive. There’s no negative matter we can use to give us a concrete, real-life example of this. So, basically, you’re delving in to theoretical math when you’re in grade 3.


Doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Here’s a real life example of this theoretical math, and hopefully you’ll understand the title name a bit better once you’ve waded through this mess of thought.

In order to turn negative behavior in to positive behavior, we must shit on it.

We have to be dicks to people that are being dicks.

It’s this simple. This is the job of your average police officer: “Fuck this guy for fucking with this other guy.”

This is why it’s so incredibly important for us to completely and utterly shit on EVERYONE that takes a self-righteous political opinion.

If they act sure of their opinion, they’re usually unsure. Act sure yourself.

If they call you a racist, call them a stupid poopy-face-pants. This I have done. Sure, they usually don’t understand social context, so they go on to think that you’re legitimately at the insult-level of a 6 year old. But hey, whatever. At least the smart people in your vicinity will pick up on the humor.

If they call you a fatshamer, call them a slimshamer. Or just call them a fat fuck that will never ever ever get laid with anyone that truly loves them. (because that’s actually the reason they’re so mad)

If they hit you, hit back thrice as hard.

Actually, do whatever you want. You’re a good person, or whatever. I mean, we’re all giant douches deep down inside. This shit isn’t my cross to bear, nor is it yours.





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