Analogies and metaphors

Some people don’t want to understand analogies and metaphors.


I was watching Religulous (a mocumentary starring Bill Maher) a couple months ago.

It’s kind of funny, but only to the point of a nasal laugh. You know, where you do a little nasal expulsion of air, because laughing is too much work for such a small amount of fun.

At one point, Maher is “interviewing” this guy playing Jesus at some cringey Jesus camp.

The guy playing Jesus uses a metaphor to describe the trinity of God when asked how three things can be the same thing. Water, steam, and ice was his answer.

Later on, Bill Maher dismisses this analogy by waving his arm and sarcastically saying “well, he had me at water and ice.”

I’m not quite sure if Bill is this stupid. I’m pretty sure it’s a willful ignorance.

The analogy is completely valid. Water, steam, and ice are all different, yet they’re made of the same chemical compound. Were you autistic enough to expect this guy to give you a 20 page essay on how black matter squared by the inverse law of your head up your ass is proof that three things can be the same? No. You wanted something you can wrap your little shitbrain around, and he gave it to you.

I’m sorry, Bill Fuckwad, you didn’t make me laugh.

And this stupid humor is typical of leftists. Comedians with an ego bigger than Hillary Clinton’s body count.

Yeah, buddy, you’re a smart cookie. Want a fucking medal? You like laughing at stupid people. Yeah, so do I. Just make sure you’re at the top of the food chain when you do it, is all.



Or be genuine for once.


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