Your worldview

I mean, you probably don’t question this. In fact, you don’t question much at all. You have an aversion to the most basic questions. So you’ll just go with whatever is popular, and act like I’m insane. That’s fine, you can do that. You’re a plebeian.

You’ve no idea that smart people are on a completely different wavelength than you. We don’t communicate the same, because your line of communication is inherently faulty. You base what you believe on majority opinion. Whatever works in the moment. Whatever is, or has been, validated by others. It’s sickening, and I don’t like being around people like you. Unfortunately, the world is mostly populated with people like you. You’re the majority. And you’ve no idea, right or left wing, theist or atheist, that we control you. Everything you do is controlled by us. Not “us” us. Just smart people.

And you may or may not be convinced by this stupid rhetoric. That’s fine. I could lay out a perfectly good argument. But we all know that’s not compelling. I’d rather just call you an idiot, and watch you squirm right into my worldview, just to avoid being called stupid.

This is why atheists labeled themselves “brights”, because it’s easier than arguing. And people aren’t convinced by arguments. They just want to be in the best tribe.

I like Hitchens comment that this label was cringeworthy. It is. And it isn't very bright to have such a shallow insight on how you're perceived. To not see that smart people don't care who's the smartest, or who has the shiniest label.

PS: If you truly believe this label wasn't a "fuck you" to people, you're even more retarded than the bearers of the label.

PSS: Yes, I know they said the label wasn't a "fuck you" to anyone. It is. Stop being retarded.

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